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Horrible horrible company. This company is so bad I do not even have words for it.

It is a place full of criminals lying thiefs who break any laws and say any lies they possibly can if they think it might result in a sale. First they harassed my mom and called her over 30 times in a day and pressured her into a sale she did not want. Then within 30min of getting it delivered hooked it up and realized they gave it to us with a broken toilet, fan, microwave and roof. They told us to screw off and after some calls said if we paid them to bring it back to there location they would fix it sometime in next few weeks while we stayed in a hotel we paid for and then pay them to bring it back.

Now trying to sell it and the potential buyer went to them to look at some Rv's before making the purchase and they lied to them and said we bought it from them at one fourth the price we paid and that they sold it to us with a rotten roof and floor and we should buy one from them. Complete pieces of shit!!!!!!

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I disagree they are the worst RV company in the USA...Blue Dog RV is.

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