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Purchased an Avalanche by Keystone from Bretz in Billings, Montana on May 25, 2017. While looking at the RV we saw two cuts on the couch.

So before we signed the papers, we made sure that it was noted on the purchase agreement. Stated "Replace ripped cushion on sofa w/warranty". It is now August 31st. Dropped the Avalanche off at Bretz for them to do some other of the warranty work.

(Decal on the outside of the RV messed up) They said they could "FIX" the cushion. When I showed them the Agreement with the statement, they said they didn't know that was on there. And they hadn't been able to get a replacement for the "cushion". The cushion is attached to the sofa, as it makes into a three section sleeper.

Thus they would have to replace two of the sections, as they are hooked together. Couldn't do that. So still want to "FIX" the sofa. Said that since it was a 2017 they couldn't get a match for the sofa.

Checked the 2018 models and the seem to be the same size. Why not replace the whole sofa? So now they are going to fix the sofa and if we don't like it---they will decide what they can do then. Who believes that?

Not me! So we now own a NEW AVALANCHE/2017 with two cuts on the sofa which we had nothing to do with. Oh yes, I have written letters to both sales managers. Got no answer from them.

Service department called DAYS later to say the new decal was in. Paid for many extras, one of which was a exterior paint sealant, and another for the interior sealant for the vinyl/leather and the carpet in the bedroom. Buyer beware!

We aren't happy with the whole Bretz team. Once they sold it (cash), they don't seem to care to keep up their end of the agreement.

Review about: Bretz Rv And Marine Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Replace the sofa..

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Problems have been resolved. Thank you Dustin Bretz.

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