I bought a brand new RV from Bretz this summer. I could not have been more specific about being new to owning a camper and needing the biggest camper that my vehicle could pull properly but NOT wanting issues pulling something to large.

They never had me pull before it was "signed for", upsold me the best hitch/sway bar set up and assured me it would be perfectly fine. After pulling it once and discovering that for whatever reason it does not pull correctly, them working on it several times, and the issue still existing they have been zero help to swapping it out. I have also had it in their shop multiple times to repair things and most of the time being told things were fixed that were not.

I was also told by Justin Bretz himself when winterizing that I should have some repair work done to the roof for $75 when I just paid them to fix hail repair work on the roof two months prior. Worst customer service experience I have ever had!

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East Helena, Montana, United States #1352779

Their all around Business Ethics are very LOW! !


My wife (Cari) and I (Duane) wanted to purchase a boat from Bretz RV in Missoula. After consulting with a salesman (Scotty), I sat down with (Mike) and signed paperwork stating that I wanted to buy this boat (2000 Parti Kraft Pontoon Boat) and we gave them $500 as a down payment. The credit application was also completed and sent in.

I was notified later the following week that the Bank was requiring an additional $600 down payment. My wife and I decided that we were not going to put down the additional $600. I notified Scotty that we no longer wanted to go forward with this.

The following text conversation took place between Duane and Scotty the morning of 7/14/17:

Duane: This is Duane. I just wanted to let you know that something came up and we are not able to come up with the extra $600 that the bank wants.

So I am cancelling the 2 pm appointment that we had. If things change in the next couple of weeks, we will get back to you. Thanks for all your efforts; it's much appreciated.

Scotty: Do you just not have it? Let me talk to my boss and see if he'll do $600 less.

Then we can keep appointment. We have everything ready.

Duane: Thanks but at this time with the family issue that came up we are not able to do it right now.

We were notified later that day by Matt of Bretz RV that we had to buy the boat. When I stated that we no longer wanted to buy the boat, we were threatened with court proceeding.

Billings, Montana, United States #1136943

I was a bit premature on posting my previous comment. Though I did not have a pleasant buying experience at the Billings store.

I should have given management a chance to hear my story and deal with the situation. Shortly after e-mailing Mr. Bretz and including some management. I was promptly contacted not only by the Billings store but also the co-owner of Bretz RV in Missoula, who was in an airport traveling.

After a pleasant conversation with Dustin I would have to say I am not completely over my experience however, I do believe he was truly concerned about the way I was treated. He offered no explanation as he understood that there simply was not a reasonable one. He did however give what I believe is a sincere apology. I have been invited to the store to meet with him face to face and discuss how to move past this.

I also must mention that He first tried to contact me several hours after his business had been closed for the day he should in my opinion have been home with his family however he was taking care of his business (I have a great deal of respect for that) I believe this shows very good character and work ethic, and I may not be ready to forget the experience yet. I would say Dustin Bretz has a fair chance at changing my mind.

Billings, Montana, United States #1135708

I have no doubt it was the worst service you ever had! I have the same opinion myself, bought a brand new camper, was told I could pick it up the same day.

I told them I wanted protective coating sprayed on the camper. They said it would take a couple days, I said fine no problem call me when its ready. One week later I call to check on its status (having received no phone calls from them) They tell me 3 more days and set up a time for me to pick it up. I show up for my appointment to find my salesman has left for the day and my camper is not even in the lot!!

It is 500 miles away at another store... OOPS!!! so I wait another week and show up for my next appointment. STILL NOT READY!!

And my salesman is not there again! No message or effort to contact me before I show up to pick up my camper. Third trip out to get my camper they managed to fall below my now very low expectations of them. My camper is at least here now (good start) But ....

It has not been sprayed yet, and I only found that out because I asked!!! They were going to let me leave with a camper I paid to have protected without applying the coating. Oh and my salesman wasn't there again!

No effort made to make up any of the trouble they caused... RUINED A GREAT AND EXCITING EXPERIANCE!!

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